25 Facts About Me

Hello everybody!

Here are 25 facts about me:

  • I’m Vegetarian;
  • I eat over 3 orabges per day;
  • I know my BFF since I’m 3 years old;
  • I have had 3 phones in 1 year;
  • I have peirced my ears 4 times;
  • I have had my hair in 5 different ways;
  • I am a Ravenclaw and my patronus is a Mink;
  • I still sleep with plushies;
  • If I could I would live in pj bottoms and oversized hoodies;
  • My dream is to travel the world;
  • I watched all the Harry Potter movies when I was 5/6
  • My two favourite dog breads are shibas and dalmations;
  • My favourite art tools are COPICS;
  • I have 2 cats;
  • I have lived in 7 different houses;
  • I have ean in 7 different schools;
  • I hate Bugs;
  • I own over 10 email accounts;
  • I collect mugs;
  • My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne;
  • My roon is always a mess;
  • My favourite snak is FISHY CRACKERS with DIPPY CHEESE;
  • My favourite StarBucks dink is Pumpkin Spice Latte;
  • Independently on what time I go to bed, I always wake up early;
  • My favourite YouTubersn are ECHO GILLETTE and BRIZZY VOICES.


Hope you enjoy,



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