10 Tips For Weird People

Hi everybody!!

As you all know i am very weird, so here are 10 tips if you are a weird person;

  • Hang out with other weird people;
  • Be your self «other wise your boringness is gonna make you explode»;
  • Create your own space were you can keep your stuff and be weird like your room;
  • Read a book, reading can help you understand more about other people and their life;
  • Find a small Youtuber/Instagramer, a person who is weird like you;
  • Have a note book of weirdness, were you write weird things that come to your mind;
  • Wear what ever clothes/accessories you want;
  • Write a blog, any social media so that you can be your self;
  •  Try drawing, music or other forms of art;
  • Cary one being weird.


Hope you enjoy,



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