Hello everybody! I'm spending this week in Algarkirk,  in the south of Portugal!  Hope you enjoy, Bye!


Rainbow Talk

Hello everybody!! Today I posted a new video on my YouTube Channel!! It is called «Rainbow Talk #1» This is a new series were I just talk about randome stuff! These episodes are going to be very common on my channel because I don´t have mutch time to record videos! Here is the link to … Continue reading Rainbow Talk

25 Facts About Me

Hello everybody! Here are 25 facts about me: I'm Vegetarian; I eat over 3 orabges per day; I know my BFF since I'm 3 years old; I have had 3 phones in 1 year; I have peirced my ears 4 times; I have had my hair in 5 different ways; I am a Ravenclaw and … Continue reading 25 Facts About Me


20 Good Youtubers/Instagramers

Youtubers: Echo Gillette; Brizzy Voices; Zoella; Rosanna Pansino; ldshadowlady; ihascupquake; Stampy Cat; Doodle Date; Stacy plays; Super Carlin Brothers. Instagramers:  @chaoticjam @_creativeunicorn_ @doodle_anni @salis.mermaid.tale @majasbok @pusheen @5.min.crafts @_isabellaisweird_ «my accout» @lauravorlicek @ana.blob «my bff's account» Hope you enjoy, Bye!


10 Tips For Weird People

Hi everybody!! As you all know i am very weird, so here are 10 tips if you are a weird person; Hang out with other weird people; Be your self «other wise your boringness is gonna make you explode»; Create your own space were you can keep your stuff and be weird like your room; Read a … Continue reading 10 Tips For Weird People