Be Yourself!

Hello everybody, I didn’t know what to post today so I decided to write about something that bugs me alot, being socially accepted.

People can judge other people alot, the most importante thing is not to care about what other people say about you. Don’t forget that you are awesome just how you are.

I wanted to dye my hair red, wear face paint,wear  cute t-shirts,etc. but people consider that not “socially acceptable”.

I haven’t done alot of things because I was afraid ofwaht people would think about me, but the truth is that just because you look different donsen’t meen that you are not cool. For example; In 4th grade I cut my hair short, REALLY SHORT, all my “friends” laughed at me, after a week I got used to it and I didn’t even care.

So, dont forget to be yourself, no matter waht people say!

Hope you enjoy,



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